UrbanStone Commercial

Standard Paving Sizes

Listed below are the standard sizes for UrbanStone Paving and Tactile Paving products:

Paving - Standard Sizes Tactile Paving - Standard Sizes
200x200x40 200x200x60 400x300x40 Tactile Type C (Slot)
300x150x40 300x150x60 400x300x60 Tactile Type C (Slot)
300x200x40 300x200x60 400x400x40 Tactile Type C (Slot)
300x200x70 (Road Paver) 400x400x60 Tactile Type C (Slot)
300x300x40 300x300x60 400x400x40 Tactile Type B (Dot)
400x200x40 400x200x60 400x400x60 Tactile Type B (Dot)
400x300x40 400x300x60 400x300x40 Tactile Type B (Dot)
400x400x40 400x400x60 400x300x60 Tactile Type B (Dot)
490x245x50 490x490x50
500x400x40 500x400x60
600x300x40 600x300x60
600x400x40 600x400x60
600x600x40 600x600x60
743x467x50 743x467x60
745x495x50 745x495x60
800x400x50 800x400x60
900x600x50 900x600x60

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