UrbanStone Commercial

Standard Bullnose Sizes

Listed below are the standard sizes for UrbanStone Bullnose products:

Single Colour Bullnoses Dual Colour Bullnoses
300x300x50 External Radius Bullnose 400x400x60 Single Bullnose
300x300x50 Internal Radius Bullnose 600x400x50 Single Bullnose
300x300x50 Single Bullnose 600x600x50 Single Bullnose
400x400x40 Single Bullnose 400x300x50/60 Square Edge
400x400x60 Single Bullnose 800x400x50/60 Square Edge
490x490x50 Single Bullnose
600x300x50 Single Bullnose
600x400x50 Single Bullnose
600x600x50 Single Bullnose
400x400x40 Mitre Bullnose
400x400x60 Mitre Bullnose
400x400x40 Radius Bullnose
400x400x60 Radius Bullnose
400x335x40 Double Bullnose
400x400x40 Double Bullnose
400x335x40 Triple Mitre Bullnose
400x400x40 Triple Mitre Bullnose
800x400x50/60 Square Edge

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