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Product Outline

UrbanStone's unique paving and landscaping products form a complete and integrated landscaping system specifically for the Residential and Commercial markets.

By combining natural stone with a high-strength, cement concrete matrix, UrbanStone creates products that are not only extremely durable but also feature the natural beauty of real stone.

The resulting combination is aesthetically stunning and qualitatively superior.

UrbanStone paving, bullnoses, wall cladding and other handcrafted accessories are quite simply the best designed and manufactured landscaping products currently available.



UrbanStone’s wet cast manufacturing process is fully automated and computer controlled throughout the production process.

Automated aggregate batching, via computerised load cell weighing, ensures that every batch is accurately controlled and corrected for variations in aggregate specific gravity and moisture, thus producing exceptional consistency in the volumetric batching process. This batching precision facilitates greater control over colour-consistency from batch to batch.

Volumetric dosing of the controlled wet-mixed concrete into UrbanStone’s unique moulding system, together with high frequency vibration systems, guarantees dimensional accuracy, and generates an end product with exceptional density.

Controlled curing, combined with a specialised palletised storage system, enhances the quality of the end product.

UrbanStone’s demonstrable quality control procedures guarantee the quality of our manufactured products and our palletising, packaging and transport system ensures the product is delivered to site safely and in pristine condition.

Quality Commitment

UrbanStone Central’s growth and market-leading position in the industry is a result of the management team's desire to provide the Australian public with high-quality manufactured products as well as the best products the world has to offer, all suited to our local market.

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